Welcome to Autogaragen

Autoregaragen has for many years had the dealership rights on Hänsch GmbH's professional quality products. This has formed the basis for strong cooperation between the two companies over the years. Therefore, today you can still buy Hänsch's products through the Autogaragen. We offer everything in blue and yellow signal lighting of highest quality from Hänsch in Germany
We also offer Electric Powersteeing from Ez - Powersteering in Holland.


Auto Import at Autogaragen is a service I offer as an import agent. I have many years of experience with imports of veteran cars, vans, sports cars, etc. Especially from the countries of Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
Contact me for a non-binding chat like your dream car.

Assensvej 532
5642 Milling, Faldsled
Tlf: +45 20 87 50 82
E-mail: LH@autogaragen.dk